Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Boycotts and Protests Denouncing Satirized Prophet Muhammad Increase

A Danish flag burns in front of the French consulate in Istanbul.

While flags burned in Istanbul, an Iranian paper called for retaliation in the form of cartoons that satirize the Holocaust. Meanwhile, the boycott of Danish consumer goods throughout the Middle East has caused considerable damage to exporters. To make matters worse for these exporters, the boycott, as BBC news reports, "appears to be gathering momentum." And this momentum isn't just gaining in the Middle East.

In Africa, thousands of Nigerian MPs took part in protests denouncing the Danish cartoon that satirized the Prophet Muhammad. On-going negotiations between Denmark and the Kano government came to an abrupt halt just yesterday. Negotiations for a 25 million dollar hydroelectric plant and the purchase of 72 buses from Denmark were called off when an MP resolution was passed on Monday. The resolution ordered the Kano government to call off trade negotiations with a nation who has yet to publicly apologize on behalf of the newspaper on grounds that "the government is powerless to circumscribe freedoms of the press." Needless to say, this has caused uproar throughout the Muslim world.

Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen called the situation, "a growing global crisis." It turns out this Islamic cry for blasphemy might not be so easily ignored after all.

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Lamo said...

What is the outcry? Are people protesting the drawing? Protesting the neswpaper who printed the drawing? Protesting the country that allows the newspaper to print the drawing?

I have been lost amongst all the action.

It would be more understandable if a muslim drew the offensive drawing, but I doubt any muslims had cooperation with this project. Muslims are not allowed to satirize Muhammad and draw cartoons about him, but what about non-muslims?

As a non-muslim myself, I have no problem with drawing a comical picture of Muhammad and letting the world see it.

I also have no problem with making fun of Jesus. Why do others care so much about my choice to sin? My drawing isn't hurting them. It may be slanderous and misleading, but isn't that the point of political cartoons? Look at all the cartoons today that slander President Bush.