Thursday, February 09, 2006

Kentucky Teacher Suspended for Calling Student "Nigga"

I'd like to preface this post, by saying "WOW!" At the moment I am truly at a loss for words. This is something you'll simply have to view for yourselves.


Anonymous said...

I'm troubled by the fact that I find this absolutely hilarious and cannot stop laughing! The entire time I was waiting to hear the audience laugh, hoping that this was fictional.

Peachxlipgloss said...

yo i felt the same way..

Lamo said...
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Sam said...

I have been thinking about precisely this subject in relation to the Muslim cartoons and
David Chappelle. One thing that it demonstrates is that the meaning of words varies depending upon who says them. Chappelle can say "nigga" but I obviously should not; Muslims may make jokes about the prophet, but when non-Muslims do so it has a different meaning. There is some class of words that this is true for, insults of one sort of another. But it should give us all pause: meanings are not static and set, they depend upon not only the context of the utterance but also the identity of the person who utters the word. If this is so, here is a question: should the high school outlaw every and all utterances of "nigga," or should only whites be banned from saying it, not blacks?

Anonymous said...

Shows you how alot of white people are! THE ONES WHO CLAIM NOT TO BE RACIST! This idiot knew damn well it was inappropriate for him to use any form of the N-word. Yet he did it.
Trust me, inside he's racist!
Imagine what he says at home amongst his white counterparts!

Anonymous said...

to SAM

all teachers should be banned from saying it.
Why the hell do white people want to use the N-word so much?
thats what I dont get.

Anonymous said...

a black teacher would not be suspended for 10 working days for saying "nigga" to a high school student.

I think you are the ones who are racist. nigga is just a word.

Just because a white guy says nigga doesn't make him inherently racist. we use the word all the time and we don't consider ourselves racist especially against blacks.

Sam said...

I agree: whites should not use the word. But I take it from your response that "all" teachers would include black teachers, too. OK. How about black students? Should they be absolutely banned from using the word?

mab said...

whites, blacks, purple people.

you people are talking about CENSOR. Censorship is NOT the answer-- people should be able to say whatever they want. the issue here is cultural sensitivity--

NIGGA has been co-opted in dangerous and potentially beautiful way. that white teacher needs HELP, serious help. but more than our school systems needs help and kentucky needs help.

this newcasting job (channel 11) is also what poses problems, e.g. send the black woman to ask the white man why he is calling a black boy "nigga"-- come on, really people. LOOK at her face. why wasn't the camera on her longer!

ashlee52 said...

you all need tos top bein fools if u racist u racist but dont bring it around someone who is not forit!