Monday, March 13, 2006

Blog On

In consuming news from either the web or periodic print I make the balanced effort to enlighten myself with that which is of significant global concern (see: globalization) as well as those issues of self-indulgent importance (see: hip-hop; the African-American condition). Personal and public, my definition of relevant media is that which equips the general population with the tools to act as responsible citizens. Catering to a very specific set of interests, this blog aims to solicit comments from its readers as a way to not only discuss issues, but find solutions to them.

Considering the recent discussions on this blog, why do I take the time and effort to make this seemingly abstract overture?

Over the last few weeks blogs have received a great deal of recognition from more traditional media outlets (web, television, print). Admittedly, myself and the rest of the “Brothers” were late getting into the blogging game (see: January of 2006), but its significance and relevance are difficult to ignore. Certainly self-indulgent, it exists as our articulate take on things and can more formally be described as a grassroots media tool.

More specifically, the power of blogs as a political tool is touched upon in yesterday’s online version of Saint Louis Today and the BBC online describes blogs as a media outlet with a decidedly human voice.

As much as I’d like to, I can’t parade this blog as a divine source for the examination of contemporary issues, but it can be flaunted as a grassroots source of thought on the issues that matter to its writers. The fact that people read, think and take the time to articulate an opinion is reason enough to continue blogging.

Blog on.

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