Friday, April 07, 2006

I Still Can't Hail A Cab!

I was out with some friends last night and, as always, it was a mission fa dis brotha to hail a cab after 12:00am. About six cars passed me without stopping. I had a tie and jacket on, but that doesn't help when you lack the "complexion for protection."

I sometimes get cab drivers who stop and ask me where I'm going? If I tell them it's outside Manhattan, they'll peel off without so much as saying a word. In fact, I've made a habit out of enlisting the aid of a random member of the paler nation to get a car to stop for me.

I want to hear about whether or not anyone of you continually encounter this discrimination on account of your pigmentation, but more importantly how you deal with it.
Get at me folks!

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Brother Smartness said...

I guess everyone must own their own car. Perhaps the lack of responses here is indicative of the fact that I need to invest in a hooptie or use public transportation.