Wednesday, April 05, 2006

March Radio Madness: You Can’t Make This Stuff Up!

I’ve come to discover that just two days before insensitive statements were made on the Rush Limbaugh Show about the alleged Duke rape victim(check out the post Lightness had on this), there was yet another vilifying statement made about a black woman on a nationally syndicated radio show.

On March 31st, Neal Boortz, while talking about Rep. Cynthia McKinney’s new coiffure, said it made her look “like a ghetto slut.”

He issued an apology yesterday stating that he’s know “Cynthia McKinney for a long time…I was totally and absolutely wrong, and I was overboard, and I apologize to Cynthia McKinney for that statement, and I apologize to any one of my listeners who were disappointed in me for that. I apologize to you also.”

Click here for the audio and transcript of the on-air apology.

Let’s move back nine days earlier to March 22nd. On this day, Dave Lenihan used the word “coon” while describing Condoleezza Rice. He was fired within 25 minutes of using that word. The KTRS station CEO, Tim Dorsey, issued an apology to listeners and informed them that Lenihan had been given the boot.

Click here to listen to Lenihan’s slip of the tongue.

There’s been just a bit too much Madness for my liking this March. I’m curious though...Should the Limbaugh and Boortz incidents have been dealt with as drastically as the Lenihan incident was handled? Was the Lenihan incident handled the right way? Get at me folks!

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Brother Lightness said...

I've read arguments that Lenihan's ousting wasn't thought through deeply enough, as this quick decision demonstrated a general lack of reflection on the matter.

I definitely don't agree, but it's interesting to consider the flip side of the issue.