Thursday, April 13, 2006

Roger Toussaint is Sentenced to Ten Days in Jail

Two days ago, a judge announced that Transit Worker Union president Roger Toussaint will be locked up for 10 days. Another name added to that already extensive list of brothers serving time. He was held in contempt of the court for the December transit worker strike that temporarily crippled the city.

While I don’t disagree with the judges decision, I kind of respect Toussaint’s gangsta. Mayor Bloomberg pretty much called him a thug (and in the process lost mega points with Smartness) and a lot of the city hated his guts. I honestly feel like the man was pushed to authorize the strike though. Granted, he didn’t come out on top, but I’ve got to give props to the dude who shoots the five (translation: puts his fists up) and throws haymakers when he’s backed into a corner.

Keep your head up while you're in there Roger!


Brother Lightness said...

I'm still convinced that Roger Toussaint is Toussaint L'Overture ('Ouverture) reincarnate.

Dude is a contemporary rabble rowser built in the mold of our forebearers.

Brother Spotless said...

First, shout out to our Trini Bloggers. I have been reminded that Brother Haitian is really from Trinidad.

As for Bloomberg calling him a thug: Bloomber only lost points in the black community; everyone else was just mad that the trains weren't running.