Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Subway Chronicles: Entry #1

Photographed by Joseph O. Holmes

The turnstiles of the New York City Subway System are portals to a wonderland of adventure. What I will attempt to do in these chronicles is transcribe the bizarre occurrences that I participate in and witness on a daily basis. The # 5 train is to me what the Inferno was to Dante. If nothing, I hope these accounts will at least paint a thought-provoking picture of what goes down in the underground.

Entry #1:
Last night I was on 42nd street waiting for the #5 train and saw a homeless grey-bearded brother vomiting what looked like straight coleslaw. I tried to be discreet with my staring but he caught me. He spit out the remnants of his purging and kindly asked me, “what the fuck you looking at?”

I kept it movin'.

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