Monday, April 24, 2006

USC's Golden Child Back To Living Like He's Bronze

Reggie Bush could be in violation of NCAA rules and is under investigation by the Pac-10. Lamar and Denise Griffin, Bush’s stepfather and mother respectively, along with his younger half brother resided in a $757,000 home (pictured left) during Bush’s junior year at USC. On April 20, 2006, a reporter from the Miami Herald arrived at the Griffin residence in Spring Valley, California to inquire about the ownership. Moving trucks were there the very next day and the Griffins appeared to be moving out.

The Washington Post reports that property records reveal a member and employee of the Sycuan Indian tribe named Michael Michaels “took out a first mortgage of $600,000 on the home and subsequent loans of $150,000 and $60,000.”

If this is true, Bush would without a doubt be in violation of NCAA guidelines and though the penalty of ineligibility cannot be applied (Bush has already entered the NFL draft), this could be a big blow to his image.

Before moving to the $757,000 home, Bush’s family lived in an apartment. The amount of money that USC will generate as a result of Bush’s superb talent is immeasurable. A Heisman Trophy two-time candidate (2004 and 2005) and one-time winner (2005), Bush was one of the faces that brought the University of Southern California more exposure and business by making it a household name. While I respect the fact that there are guidelines in the NCAA, I find it quite disappointing that a brother whose celebrity and impact will bring USC millions of dollars in the next few years, can’t get a piece of his own action.

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Brother Spotless said...

Reggie's image won't take a hit for accepting a house, because quietly most people believe college players should be paid, based on the amount of money they can bring to an institution. A rape charge would reflect on his character. Accepting money? Not so much...