Monday, April 17, 2006

What about Don Imus?

Let's put our critique of Star and Buckwild (who I'll ride or die with) on hold and focus our efforts on the AM antics of Don Imus. To ground this discussion, respected black literary figure Ishmael Reed gets at Imus in a way that only he can.

I've listened to Imus a good deal and I've never thought to critique his show the way we've critiqued Star and Buck's. Why do we spend so much time criticizing our own, while we ignore the ignorant -- and often racist-- rantings of the majority that is consumed on a much broader level?


Brother Spotless said...

I really don't listen to this man, but I've heard bad things about him.

If this relates to the Star and Buckwild post, I pose this question: at what point do we stop asking "well they do it so why can't we?" and instead look at our own ish and clean it up? I can point to Heavy Metal videos of the late 80's and find women being objectified in ways rivaled by today's hip hop vixens. Does that mean rap videos should get a pass? No, the rap industry needs to clean up its act, no matter who else has thrown a scantily clad woman in front of the screen. Same here: just because Imus uses racist, sexist and homophobic rhetoric does not give S&B a pass on such things. We shouldn't be looking to white media folks to provide answers for our image problems anyway. Scapegoating Imus for what Star and Buck say isn't the answer either. Gotta come better than that patnah!

Brother Lightness said...

I don't offer the comparison to Imus to absolve S&B of any guilt (though I find it all to be in good taste). I simply offered the comparison because I believe there is greater issue to be taken with those media outlets that appeal to a broader segment of the population.

Say what you want about S&B, but it makes you (or at least me) think. Can we really say the same for the majority of FM radio? I didn't think so.

Brother Spotless said...

Well, obviously we disagree. I actually get a similar feeling and go through a similar thought process when I watch the O'Reilly Factor. To me, they possess the same brand of hypocritical, offensive and absurd nonsense that forces me to turn the station.

To your more general point: why compare S&B to the rest of FM Radio? All you are saying is that FM Radio isn't worth the time, money and energy it takes to produce radio shows. Even if S&B are better than all of the rest, that ain't sayin much homie. If there wasn't a rapper better than Nelly, would you consider him to be a good lyracist? I wouldn't, because I've seen and heard better. Same for radio.