Thursday, May 11, 2006

Across the Line of Common Decency?

I've been a strong advocate of the outrageous antics of Star, of Power FM 105.1's the Star & Bucwild morning show, for a while, though, his most recent discretion trumps any logical defense I could have made concerning the brilliance and relevance of his show.

I'm curious to see how just how hard the FCC will come down on him, especially when it seems to have given him free reign in the past, as foul language was standard fare.


Brother Smartness said...

This fool is crazy! Here are some quotes from that show.

"I would like to skeet on the face
of your seed. Now that's, that's real talk dawg. You have to come
holla at me now."

"I want to put some mayonnaise in between your baby girl's
ass crack and take a bite"

"Now, again, to the woman, who carried that little mongrel for 9 months. ... I'm coming for your seed. Did you hear me? (*thump, thump, thump* noise) I want to do an R. Kelly in the mouth of your seed fam?"

Brother Spotless said...

I really wanted to relate this to some form of Inner Bamma, but I can't do that in good conscience; that would be reach not even Yao Ming could achieve. Like Smartness said, this fool is indeed crazy, especially if he thinks he can "express his freedom of speech" in a way so degrading (he called Envy's wife a "Lo Mein Eater." forget the FCC, he should be fearing federal prosecution. What he said in that show could be viewed as a hate crime).

Brother Lightness said...

The notion that Star could have hate crime allegations brought against him is surely ironic, especially when considering the fact that his show's platform and its respective consciousness is termed "objective hate".

Brother Smartness said...

It was certainly stupid, but something like this would never constitute a hate crime. Slander and libel perhaps, but there was never an act and it could therefore never be a hate crime.

He's done some crazy things before, but what could possibly possess a man to step over the line like this?

Brother Spotless said...

Criminal charges may be a reach, but it wouldn't be out of the question for an investigation to be performed to look into some of Star's past transgressions. If a pattern were to be found that links up to this event, I wouldn't be surprised if a Grand Jury were to be conveined (although, I may have watched too many Law and Order episodes, so if I am completely talking fantasy, someone stop me before I demand that Olivette give Star a phsych test...)

Brother Lightness said...

Star's troubled contemporary predicament draws focus to the competition between Hot 97 (DJ Envy's employer) and Power 105.1 (Star's employer) in their increasingly hostile and undignified battle for ownership of the tri-state areas hip-hop radio waves.

Vicious competition in industry is common, but in hip-hop it seems to have taken the most undignified of approaches. As always, you'll have to forgive me for coming across as conservative and overly righteous, but this well-publicized media spectacle makes a sad mockery of hip-hop culture in one of its most influential markets.

Brother Smartness said...

DJ Envy doesn't have a morning show though. Star has the masses flocking to their radio dials all over the country at 6am. What makes you think it has anything to do with ownership of radio waves. It's seems to as though it's just uber-masculine stuntin' gone way overboard.

Brother Lightness said...

The wide-ranging competition between the two radio stations is well-documented (see: Funkmaster Flex's 2006 radio condemnation of Clear Channel after pay-to-play charges arose; the blossoming beef between Cherry Maritinez and Funkmaster Flex that culminated in the production of a poorly performed dis record; incessant jabs during promotional advertisements, etc. It's a laundry list).

I'm not sure where the beef between Envy and Star began, but every story I've heard, read and seen on the matter thus far refers to the two as rivals or nemesis'.

Anonymous said...

Fan of this blog but I am not sure it is possible to ever support this crazy dude.Below is his racist take on East Indians.

Brother Spotless said...

Like I said before: Give Me Tom Joyner Any Day.

Brother Spotless said...

From a convo between myself and Brother Lightness:

...then let him go to satalite radio and do whatever he wishes there. Whatever intelligence he may bring to the airwaves is undoubtedly drowned by his incessant need to not just push the boudaries of civility, morality and decency, but to arrogantly demolish said boundaries, ala Rush Limbaugh. It can just as easily be said that Rush brings common sense and intelligence to his audience. I cannot in good conciousness be critical of Rush and allow Star a pass; it's all arrogant ignorance that is much more likely to incite violence than incite thought and has no positive purpose in any society, let alone one that is based on different cultures.