Tuesday, May 02, 2006

“Chuuch! Preach! Tabernacle!”

Even after seeing Hustle & Flow (which I thoroughly enjoyed) I always assumed that vocational pimping was a sub-culture that very few aspired towards or took seriously. After reading Bishop Don Magic Juan’s recent interview with allhiphop.com the reality is that I’m clearly mistaken and quite ignorant on the matter.

Seriously, can someone shed some light on this sub-culture that I am so admittedly ignorant about? While prostitution is the oldest profession in the world, the fact that pimping has become such a popular and glorified sub-culture (within hip-hop, sadly) leaves me absolutely befuddled. Sure, reciting cute lines like “pimps up, hoes down” when in the company of friend is humorous, but I never took it serious enough to ponder those who flourish within this sub-culture.

An excerpt of the referenced interview with Bishop Don Magic Juan reveals the level of sincerity with which he approaches this sub-culture:

“Most of the girls I had were with me ten or fifteen years. I was professional. It was my livelihood. This is how I breathed and thinked. Every time I saw a woman, I saw a dollar sign. These pimps today don’t have that much dedication to the game. They compromising today.”

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