Tuesday, May 30, 2006

"Coming to An End": The Development of an Adult Conscience

While I could (and would) never write a post like this because it would be far too revealing, Phonte of Little Brother strikes again, offering his most truthful and humorous blog post to date. He deserves some kind of award for not coming off as pretentious while still remaining truthful. Luckily for us, the same wit and humility displayed in his writing is reflected in so much of LB's music.

If I might paraphrase from the referenced link: "But nowadays....and I dunno if this has to do with me gettin older or the fact that all my homeboys are havin daughters now or what, but I look at porn with different eyes these days.....its kinda like takin advantage of handicapped people in a sense.."

Definitely worth the read.


Brother Smartness said...

those brother's drop knowledge like lebron drops dimes

Brother Afrocan said...

speaking of Lebron, the clinic D-Wade is pulling on the Pistons really has me second guessing who IS the King of the draft class of 2003.