Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Global Warming: Random Thoughts

One of my fondest memories of Williamstown, MA was the summer I spent up there in quasi-solitude. Besides the theatre festival and a few good friends, I had the trees and mountains to keep me company. Born and bred in New York City, New York’s capital of pollution, the Williamstown's air that ran through my lungs afforded me a clarity of mind I had never known before.

Writing papers and attending meetings during the regular semester made it difficult to enjoy the beauty of those mountains that were then mine; mountains that no longer belong to me the same way they had while I was a student there. And though marriage and children are years away, a part of me can’t wait to reclaim those mountains by having my own son or daughter admitted to my alma mater.

What frightens me however, is that while those mountains will still be around in the next hundred years, there are other places I have yet to visit and fall in love with that my children will never get to see. Climate change has threatened species with extinction. The sea level is likely to continue climbing. Britain could freeze over and the devastation of storms like Hurricane Katrina could be more of a norm for countries like the United States.

I just hope that Democrats and/or Republicans have the courage to take up global warming as an issue in the next presidential election. I don’t want my kids to inherit a crisis that we predicted but were either too frugal or myopic to plan for.


Anonymous said...

..check out the discussion on Ephblog spawned by your post.

Brother Smartness said...

Thanks for heads up!