Monday, May 15, 2006

Oprah’s a Vegan??: No Beef with Hip-Hop!

Say word? After media speculation that Oprah had issues with hip-hop, she’s cleared the record and let it be known that her sentiment is quite the opposite. While I don’t expect to see the focus of her show shift the slightest bit towards a more enamored portrayal of hip-hop culture --aside from the periodic Kanye West or Will Smith appearance-- I do find her comments a bit reassuring, as Oprah’s approval is the golden cultural standard of acceptance.

In spite of this, her rationale for unexpectedly putting Ludacris on the hip-hop defensive during a segment of her show that was dedicated to the Oscar-nominated film “Crash” is more than a little suspect. After reading her justification a few times I’m still having difficulty accepting it as little more than an attempt to save face after unfairly and “Cosby-esquesly” [over righteously] criticizing hip-hop culture in front of America. To be clear, I’m not suggesting that hip-hop culture shouldn’t be critiqued, as there’s certainly a legitimate place for informed evaluation, but if that critique isn’t balanced its senseless.

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