Tuesday, May 02, 2006

School Daze: "Wake Up!"

Admittedly, my undergraduate institution didn't offer any options for Greek life, but a highly contentious thread from Dr. Hill's blog (apologies Dr. Hill, don't mean to blog jack) has really got me thinking about the purpose and virtue of contemporary fraternity and sorority life among African-American undergraduates.

In spending time this past weekend on campus at the University of Pennsylvania for the Penn Relays, the Brothers and I found ourselves in the throes of greek life that we (or at least I) was only tangentially familiar with before. Spike Lee's "School Daze" (see inset picture) and countless stories from friends who attended other undergraduate institutions are the extent of my direct panhellenic experiences, but I've always been curious and somewhat envious of that piece of the black undergraduate experience.

So, for the readers out there I pose the following questions:

-what exactly does membership in a fraternity or sorority afford you that is so socially valuable?
-at what price does this come?


RAK said...


next time you're all down on my campus, could you at least tell me?!?

TING said...

man, you posed a GREAT question, I am curious too.