Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Subway Chronicles: Entry #2

Photographed by Joseph O. Holmes

The turnstiles of the New York City Subway System are portals to a wonderland of adventure. What I will attempt to do in these chronicles is transcribe the bizarre occurrences that I participate in and witness on a daily basis. The # 5 train is to me what the Inferno was to Dante. If nothing, I hope these accounts will at least paint a thought-provoking picture of what goes down in the underground.

Entry #2:
In a packed subway car today, a well-dressed white woman found a seat directly across from a homeless brother. You would have thought that the man’s body odor had assaulted her the way she raised her silk scarf about her face like a gas mask. Rather than stand up and move to a different section of the car, she sat there expressing disgust with sharp contortions of her face. But in an act of sheer emancipation, the homeless brother looked at this peeved woman and turned his head to the side to laugh. That made my day.

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