Monday, June 19, 2006

Barack and Lebron

Popular concensus (or at least the Washington Post) dictates that Barack Obama is the next great American leader -- black leader at that! -- and in my attempt to get my beyond incessant dreams of endless possibility for him (think MLK Jr., Malcolm X, Washington, DeBoise, etc.) it's probably best that I hold Senator Obama in the same regard as Lebron James.

Think about it. James and Obama are both fresh out the gates and have dazzled every crowd along the way. A fast break dunk for James is equivalent to an inspirational speech from Obama (people get in lines and pay top dollar for either), both are regular stars on industry highlight shows (i.e. SportsCenter, Meet the Press) and there's no reason to believe that their respective talents will fade anytime soon. It's really a matter of just how high they will ascend and how fast they can raise their respective games.

Will James win a championship? We'll have to see. Will Obama become a presidential candidate? Same answer. Either way, the nation is captivated by their respective journey's and the possibilities they represent. My sincere hope for both is that their humility and integrity carry them as far as their talents.

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Brother Spotless said...

Barak is such an interesting figure to me. On one hand, he (seems) to have everything we look for in our black leaders: highly educated, a strong sense of self, an understanding of his position as it pertains to us as blacks as well as America at large (DeBois would be proud). On the other hand, he doesn't seem to have any real need to pander to black people, which may cause some to say he's "selling out," but seems to be commendable as I see it. Pandering to black causes seems to be the easy thing to do (Hillary Clinton and her "the House of Representatives is run like a plantation" comment is an example of the ease with which politicians pander to blacks), and he takes a higher road, basically saying black issues are American issues.

With the 2008 Presidential election (and therefore 2007 Presidential campaign season) fast approaching, the question of whether Obama should run has become a popular topic.

While I think the brotha has all the makings of the 1st Black President, I think he should wait. He is still a 1st term Senator, which leads one to beleive he is inexperienced in the ways of Washington. And in fact, he is inexperienced: he has not distinguished himself in any way on the Senate floor outside of being a Democrat. In short, he needs time to build a voting record so people know who he is and what he stands for.

However, he is an outstanding fundraiser; his mere presence in almost any fundraising arena lends huge support for whoever he is helping to gain office. And the fact that none of the Democratic frontrunners for Prez are showing much in regard to leadership, integrity, or "likeability" (Hillary Clinton and Al Gore? Umm...yea), leads me to beleive the calls for "Barak in '08!" will become louder. Who knows, maybe he is ready....