Monday, June 12, 2006

National Urban League Black Executive Exchange Program (BEEP) Leadership Conference

Courtesy of my corporate sponsor, last week I boarded a flight to Orlando, FL and spent 3 days in the company of some of the most accomplished African-Americans within the corporate domain. The National Urban League's annual Black Executive Exchange Leadership program allowed an opportunity for corporate professionals to gather in the tourism capital of the world to discuss the theme of "Strengthening Communities, Developing Leaders".

For a young brother like myself with private sector ambitions that far exceed the current confines of my entry-level cubicle, the conference provided an opportunity to interact with those black professionals who are often seen as having "made it". While a moderate level of collective success among this crowd cannot be denied, I was elated to see that focus was placed on getting beyond the concept of us having "made it" and focusing our efforts on our younger brothers and sisters who strive to achieve in the same corporate domain. More specifically, the purpose of the BEEP conference is to "bring successful African American professionals and executives from the corporate sector to historically black colleges and universities to lecture on such issues as leadership, communication, and management."

The energy, dedication, commitment and vision displayed by all conference participants was truly encouraging, offering a message that was both timely and needed.

Kudos to National Urban League President and CEO Marc Morial (pictured) and his staff for putting on and pulling on a conference of epic African American proportion.

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