Friday, July 21, 2006

Forgive Me for Blog-Jacking...

...but Phonte from Little Brother drops truth via his blog on a regular basis. If you don't check out their blog on myspace at least weekly I'd suggest you switch up your web surfing formula. Kindred spirits indeed.

Check it:

Since niggas wanna twist my words and shit: Worst Show Ever, Pt. 2....

I, apparently, got the innanet goin' nuts (c) P. Wall

When I decided to write about what me and Pooh experienced at Summerjam in Fayetteville, it wasn't in hopes of turning this shit into a "Get Well, Phonte" party. It really wasn't THAT major. After the show, me and Pooh rode home bumpin "The Shining" advance and laughed about the whole shit....

I come to this site to share with my fans both my highlights and my lowlights, in hopes of giving people an honest look into the life of a blue collar, working-class musician. My blogs about porn, niggers, vegetarianism and cuddle buddies are all well and good, but the minute I wanna talk about the OTHER side of this rap shit I'm a whiny bitch all of a sudden?

Y'all crackers ain't playin fair (c) Clipse

First off, I never said that niggas who don't like LB are 'dumb.' Never would I EVER, ever, ever, ever, ever make such a pompous, arrogant, and polarizing statement. Noz at XXL is just looking for page hits, and we all know this.

But on the flipside, if y'all really think the vast majority of the listening audience makes choices on their own, and that LB's poor response has anything to do with our music being 'too backpack' and 'not southern enough' and 'not club enough' then YOU'RE dumb.

I've been called everything from 'backpack' to 'conscious' to 'uppity' to 'holier than thou.' Cool. I'll be that. Fact is, if I was HALF as uppity as niggas thought I was, I woulda turned down the gig from jump and refused to play:"

Fuck that shit.....I ain't playin in front of a buncha Clear Channel drone ass niggas.....we walkin into certain death....."

That honestly was my first thought when we were presented with the gig.

But the thing with me is, I always give people a chance to either prove OR dispel my notions about 'em. Take it however you want, but I think there's something to be said about ANY person who would listen to the same 20 songs being programmed into their heads day in and day out without questioning anything. Still, I gave the audience a chance.

Point blank, my instincts were right: the majority of radio listeners are fucking drones.

They have to be told what TO like (i.e. the South's current dominination), as well as what NOT to like (i.e, post-50 era Ja Rule). Hence, no 'boos' at the show, which I woulda respected and appreciated a million times more. At least that woulda been a sign of independent thinking. But as you look at their faces in the pics, you can see that it wasn't hate, so much as it was apathy and indifference. All because they more than likely hadn't heard us before, which in their minds probably equated to us not being 'on.' I mean, they can't be any good if I ain't heard it before, right? If niggas ain't quackin (i.e. heavy radio and video rotation) they must not be ducks, right? (c) Bun B

Not responding to LB because you simply don't like the music = fine by me.

Not responding to LB (or any other group)all because you haven't heard them on the radio before and it hasn't been drilled into your head 20x a day = dumbass follower.

Hell, one of my boys even told me that he saw an early Dem Franchize Boyz show where the audience just looked at 'em dumbfounded, but a few months later they came back to the same spot after "White Tee" went into heavy rotation and niggas acted like it was the hottest shit ever. Nevermind DFB had actually performed that same song 3 mos. earlier to crickets... Radio niggas is drones, and I realize that now.

I hate to admit it, but Ahmir (?uest from the Roots) was right: us hip hop niggas (on BOTH sides of the spectrum and all points in between) done drunk the kool-aid and don't even realize it. So much of what is considered a 'hit' record and who is considered a 'star' in hip-hop today ain't got JACK SHIT to do with the music, so much as it has to do with:

How they dress....who they affiliated rich they are or perceived to be....who they fuckin.....who gave 'em a 'cosign'......who their producer is.......are they a hustler/d-boy/baller/metro pretty boy or any other image.....what city they're from, what label they're on, etc....

The media outlets done tricked niggas so good, that we as listeners don't even realize that we take all this bullshit into account and 'accept' hit records, before we even hear ONE NOTE of actual music. (I know Ahmir, your royalty check is in the mail..)

So.....Take in the fact that LB are three niggas from the South who stick out like sore thumbs against their southern contemporaries.......AND the fact that we solely push our music and aren't attached to any 'image'......AND the fact that we're on a label who looks at niggas like red-headed stepchildren.....Add all that up and what do you get?

80,000 copies of "Minstrel Show" sold, and blank stares at any Summerjam in America, that's what. Am I making sense, or am I making TOO MUCH sense?

I realize that the road I've chosen to travel as an artist is alot less rewarding and alot more stressful at times, so I'm not complaining for what is ultimately my own choice. I am who I am. Of course, it gets frustrating at times just like any other job.....but overall......a nigga's blessed yo. I thank God for this life everyday.

I have no problem with cats disagreeing with my views, but at least come correct and have your shit straight about me. Either way, I hope this conversation keeps going. There's nothing like free publicity.

LB will continue to hustle, elevate our formula, perfect our craft, stay on our grind, and show love to the cats who show love to us....but we ain't fitna change our shit up and tapdance for nobody. No matter how slow the grind may be.

If you can't understand me FOR ME, then maybe I just ain't for you.

Peace and love to all those supporting the movement.

We live, we learn, we move on.


This has been a Real Nigga PSA (R), sponsored by the Percy Miracles Foundation.

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