Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Moments In History

I was reading through the New York Times website and found this image of Condoleezza Rice and Kofi Annan. While we could do without the circumstances that shape their conversation (conflict in the Middle East), I couldn't help but to think back to moments in history where the world had put their faith in the hands of Blacks; moments when Blacks sat at the table and were privy to the same sort of respect and fear as any other man. Regardless of how we feel about these individuals and the organizations/nations they represent, their power in world politics can inspire brothers and sisters because they offer an example that is still scarce in today's world. But let’s not be fooled because for far too many of us it’s still
a hard row to hoe if your ass don’t move and the rain don’t fall,
and the ground is dry, but the roots are strong.

We still have a long way to go, but with examples like this the path to our own successes appear just a bit more foreseeabale and attainable.

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Brother Lightness said...

I hadn't considered that. Good call.