Friday, July 28, 2006

Welcome Brother Afrocan

Though it isn’t customary for us to welcome our new contributors, we haven’t had a brother join us in quite some time. His entry into the ranks is reason for celebration. He’s contributed generously in the past with his thought-provoking critiques and his humorous responses to our posts. He, in many ways, epitomizes everything we like to do here at browneph. And though we chose our pseudonyms to cast some ambiguity on our true identity, I couldn’t help but to place the picture above that will serve as an inside joke for those of us brothers who understand it. Consider this a simultaneous roast and toast. We all look forward to reading your posts, as I am sure they will add more color to our flavorful mélange of interests. Welcome Brother.


Brother Lightness said...

A joyous day indeed. Welcome.

Marc Lamont Hill said...

welcome, bruh. i look forward to reading ur writings!!!