Thursday, August 31, 2006

Illadelph Native: Black Thought

If you have yet to listen to the new Roots album, you’re doing your ears and soul a serious disservice. A few of the Brothers, including myself, purchased the Roots album and we found ourselves thoroughly impressed. In light of this, below you’ll find an exceptional article on the prolific and gifted lead singer of The Roots, Black Thought:

Tariq Trotter—known to hip-hop fans as Black Thought—slides into the back seat of a red Volkswagon parked in the courtyard of Baltimore’s InterContinental Hotel, reclines and repositions his black fitted Phillies hat to a perfect tilt. His handlers had warned the night before he was in a bad mood, but after a week that included a cross-country red-eye flight, a three-part video shoot, an overnight mixtape recording session and two live shows with another on deck, you might be crabby too.

Fresh off his first real night of sleep this week, Trotter’s on a roadtrip to retrieve forgotten luggage in D.C. He’s no media darling, but today he’s open and congenial.

“I used to get excited about this shit,” says Trotter with a serious look, his eyes three shades short of bloodshot, of the release his band’s latest effort Game Theory. “But I had set my expectations too high and now I try to fall back.”

With an old-school ethos and staunch aplomb, the 33-year-old Illadelph native is a throwback with longevity. A veteran of hip-hop’s golden era, Trotter still holds his mikes like grudges and avoids half-stepping at all costs.

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