Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Brother of the Week: Brother Darkness

Brother Darkness is this week’s Brother of the Week. Back in August, I started a Brother of the Week post with hopes to honor a deserving Brother on a consistent basis. It was my hope to highlight the brother’s of Postgraduate Musings in the months of September and October by writing a few words on how their presence in my life has been both uplifting and inspirational. After giving the idea more thought, however, I’ve decided that their words and stories might be better conveyed from their own mouths/pens. So in a dual effort to praise them and to let you know who they are, I’ve asked them to pen whatever thoughts came to mind when I uttered a given word/phrase American Express style.

Here’s what Brother Darkness had to say:

Pet Peeve: People that ask stupid questions that they obviously know the answer to. For example, I’m checking my email and someone will ask “What ya doin’ there? Checkin’ your mail?” What the F do you think I’m doing? I’m definitely not composing HTML or solving quadratic functions.

First Love: Oh man, you’re really going to put me out there with this one. I’d have to say about 7 years ago during my sophomore year in high school. The girl’s name was Vivi Ricardez. She was a Mexicana mami chula. Guess that’s why I love eating Mexican now (food that is).

Childhood ambition: Before wanting to be the next Michael Jordan I wanted to be a pediatrician.

Soundtrack: Not quite sure what this entails but my soundtrack would be eclectic: Jay-z, Prince, Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye, Aerosmith, Frank Sinatra, Eminem and Musiq Soulchild

Getaway: Spend a week in Paris, France and dining on fine French delicacies and then heading to the countryside to sip fine wine and romance my French mistress (yes I do have one of those).

Biggest Challenge: Making it in America as a black man.

Whip: No thanks, I don’t do S&M stuff buddy. I’d have to say a black Mercedes SL 500. They’re smooth like me.

First Job: Working security for Elite Security in San Diego. Had to stand for hours at football or baseball games making sure people found their seats.

Worst Job: Telemarketing for dialamerica. I don’t like being cursed out by people that I don’t even know.

Last Purchase: X-Men 1-3 and Harry Potter 1-4

Favorite Movie: Damn, I’ll go with “Coming to America”

Motivation: To be the man that my father never showed me how to be.

Cartoon Hero: Darkwing Duck, let’s get dangerous!

Greatest Accomplishment: Graduating from Williams College

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