Thursday, September 28, 2006

Brother of the Week: Brother Spotless

This week you will have the pleasure of reading three posts on the Brother of the Week. The reason behind this surge of praise ultimately stems from my failure to divvy these brothers up during the entire month. So without further ado, allow me to introduce the next brother of the week.

Brother Spotless is this week’s Brother of the Week. Back in August I started a Brother of the Week post with hopes to honor a deserving Brother on a consistent basis. It was my hope to highlight the brother’s of Postgraduate Musings in the months of September and October by writing a few words on how their presence in my life has been both uplifting and inspirational. After giving the idea more thought, however, I’ve decided that their words and stories might be better conveyed from their own mouths/pens. So in a dual effort to praise them and to let you know who they are, I’ve asked them to pen whatever thoughts came to mind when I uttered a given word/phrase American Express style.

Here’s what Brother Spotless had to say:

Pet Peeve:
Answers based on feeling and belief instead of evidence

First Love:
Anikka Edwards-El

Childhood ambition:
To be an architect

Nutty Professor

Getaway: Chicken Bone Beach

Biggest Challenge: LSAT

Whip: 2001 Hyundai Elantra

First Job: Atlantic City Tax Office

Worst Job: Library at Williams College

Last Purchase: LSAT Prep course

Favorite Movie: Way too hard to boil down

Motivation: Live up to the image my father had for me

Cartoon Hero: Bugs Bunny

Greatest Accomplishment: Senior Spring at Williams College (6 classes, Sankofa. Had my best academic semester, and taught Fola how to step...somewhat)

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