Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Countdown to Episode #38 of The Wire (Part II)

Another article on HBO's The Wire to wet your palette:

Acclaimed HBO drama elicits effusive praise from critics as it returns for fourth season.

Critics call it the best show on American television, but The Wire always seems to have to fight for its life--few people watch it and it often depresses those that do.

After all, it's a program that revolves around a devastated Baltimore slum, a place of boarded-up, abandoned houses whose denizens are drug dealers, drug users, thieves, police, and innocent bystanders caught in the cross fire. Hope is an emotion that exists primarily to be crushed.

Off the air since 2004, The Wire returns to HBO Sunday September 10 for a 13-week fourth season, and its creator, David Simon, a former police reporter who covered the mean streets of West Baltimore, says he doesn't know what will happen after that.

"It's not up to me but I am hopeful. I think [HBO is] waiting to see how the fourth season is received," he said in a recent interview. He said he has plenty of plot left for a fifth season.

So far, the word on the fourth season is ecstatic...
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Tom Hilton said...

The first episode is excellent--looks like the show is back in fine form. They introduce maybe a half dozen new plot threads, continue another 3 or 4, and start connecting them all up. They seem to have come up with a natural way to pull the education theme into the existing milieu of the show (which is something I was sort of wondering about). Good stuff...and it's great to have the show back.