Friday, September 01, 2006

Five O’Clock Free Track Giveaway

This is an attempt to see how cultured our readers are and, likewise, reveal how eccentric my taste in music is (read: how big of a geek I am). While it would be simple to copy the text below and paste it into a search engine, I implore you to abide by the honor code.

Now that I have your oath, can you name the artist that wrote the following lyrics?

white man turns the corner/finds himself in a different world/ghetto kid grabs his shoulder/throws him up against the wall/he says, "would you respect me, if I didn't have this gun?/cuz without it, I don't get it/ and that's why I carry one."

Whoever can do so, gets my respect.

And whosoever can decipher the omission in this quote gets a free CD of the artist in question (or another artist of your choosing).


Anonymous said...

Phil Collins b*tches.

Brother Smartness said...

well done anonymous.

Again, if you can identify the omission in the quote (honor code still applies here) you get a free CD.

ikkinlala said...

I'm not a big Phil Collins fan (his music was inflicted on me by one of my high school teachers), so there's a good chance I'm wrong, but after singing this in my head a few times I think the "in" in the second line you quoted should be "within."

I bet I'm missing some major omission that would be really obvious to a fan.

Brother Smartness said...

Congratulation ikkinlala! A free CD of your choosing wil be sent to you as soon as you let me know what you'd like. Thanks for participating. You'll be receiving an e-mail shortly to confirm a shipping name and address.

I'm impressed.