Tuesday, September 12, 2006

It's 9/12 but...

...this thread from Status Ain't Hood is just as relevant as it was yesterday. Check it:

Nothing about September 11 made sense, so of course there hasn't been a lot of good music written about September 11. There hasn't been a lot of music written about September 11. Since popular music became a facet of youth culture around 1956 or whatever, there hasn't been a major historical event in this country's history that's inspired less music than September 11. Something like the Vietnam War or the government's negligent treatment of Hurricane Katrina fits a lot more neatly into preestablished narratives: the government is shady, they don't give a damn about the lives of people or more specifically poor people, and they'll deny all responsibility for their bullshit for as long as they possibly can. September 11 inspires a similar kind of outrage, but it's a few shades more complicated than that. Along with that outrage came a lot of other stuff: complete and utter surprise, pride (perhaps unfounded) in our country's ability to pull together and weather the storm, dread that our government was going to use it as an excuse to do some foul shit, total helplessness in the knowledge that really bad things were happening out in the world and we didn't really know what they were, creeping suspicion that our government is shady and that they don't give a damn about the lives of poor people and that maybe that'd been part of what caused this whole mess even if they weren't the immediate villains here. It's hard to cram all those feelings into a three-minute pop song. And the attacks took place at a time when American pop music had generally moved away from cultural commentary and toward smaller personal interactions; the attacks might've changed a lot, but they didn't change that.

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