Wednesday, September 13, 2006

NottaNigga Clothing Company

As some of you know already know, I am adamantly opposed to the use of the N-Word. While my reasoning for this is a little bit more complex than the reasoning set forth on the Abolish The “N” Word website, I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase some of the attire they advertise. I can’t say the same thing, however, about a company you will read about below.

Unfortunately, below is an article about NottaNigga Clothing Company whose mission might appear to be the same as that of the aforementioned website. Instead, the company seeks to express frustration with the N-word, by incorporating it into their clothing line. President and CEO, Overton Jones remarks, "We are tired of the N-word and this company makes people aware of its use in an upfront way. Only the bold will wear these clothes!"

See below for a recent article on this foolishness...

Indianapolis, IN
( - NottaNigga Clothing Company® launched its new line of products today on its website,

"We are trying to wake people up with these clothes. What better way to discuss the N-word than on clothing. It shocks people, and then they talk," President and CEO, Overton Jones remarked. "We're hoping the clothes will start conversations."

The company has an extensive line including shirts, sweaters, baseball caps, and sportswear. Jones is in direct opposition with many Black leaders and "so-called" intellectuals who look at the term as one of endearment.

"I think it is crazy for us to think that we are this word. We are not this word, that’s why we say NottaNigga," Jones stressed. "A Black person should be ashamed to call his brother a 'N....'"

Students at HBCU schools are the company’s target market. "Brilliant students are on these campuses and they have the most influence in eliminating the use of this word by whites and blacks. They are also the future leaders," Jones stressed.

NottaNigga Clothing® has products in Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Los Angeles. The clothing is available on-line and in selected stores throughout the United States.

"We are tired of the N-word and this company makes people aware of its use in an upfront way. Only the bold will wear these clothes!" Jones remarked.


Brother Spotless said...

I have heard this argument used before, used by notable figures like Dave Chappelle and Eddie Griffin. It goes like this: "I use the N-word so much because the more it's used, the less power it has." Not sure I buy that, but I pose this question: what does intentionally not using the word do? Specifically, would attempting to strike the N-word from the English language work to lessen the power of it?

Brother Smartness said...

Negative. Striking that word from the English language doesn't lessen it's power. I don't believe it's use within the black community does anything to diminish it's sting.

Not using the word, among other things, forces us to utilize words that better describe our emotions towards one another.

I should also mention here that not using this word has to be a personal decision. I would hope that people did not stop using the word simply because they were told not to. It's important to really understand the word and it's origins. It's also important to understand the reasons why it's been embraced and redefined by many African Americans today.

I keep saying that a post is forthcoming on this, but that post has become an essay of sorts.

In any event, experience and research has brought me to the conclusions that I've formulated about this word. In the words of Hov, I can only ask that you "walk with me" as I attempt to convey this in my future writing.

Christian E. Savage said...

First, I just like to say that I respect ALL opinions 100% in regards to the N-word. However, I just wanted to offer some criticism.

For me, I believe the N-word should not be offensive REGARDLESS of who says it [Yes, that includes members of the KKK]. Let me explain. if Black people get offended everytime the word is used, it is ONLY really giving out one message to White America: "We are INTIMIDATED by you." In this case, Whites for the most part STILL have a psychological advantage over us as a people.

However, if we as STRONG Black men and women, INTERNALIZED the use of the N-word [i.e. using it amongst each other as a "friend"], that would CONFUSE racist Whites and demonstrate to them that we are NOT intimidated by allowing their "weapon" [the use of the N-word to tear down our Self-esteem] to harm us. Well, that's all I had to say.


Brother Darkness said...

Man, I thought I would be escaping the "N" word by being in China but they also use it here. Mind you, it is a part of their language and they have ZERO knowledge of what it pertains to in America. Nonetheless, the use of the "N" word here caught me off guard. As for ending the use of the word, I think it is virtually impossible to exterminate a word that has become such a part of the black vernacular. I agree with the last posting about it having power when we react to a non-black's usage of the word. I scoff it off as ignorance mainly because I try to not to use the word. But sometimes there are only certain words that can be used to describe a situation or a person. I'd like it to be viewed less negatively and more as a term of endearment as most black males typically use it when they are amongst friends. I really don't mind that.