Saturday, September 23, 2006

Quote Of the Moment

Many in our community have praised (at varying levels) Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez for his remarks against U.S. President George Bush. Similarly, many in our community have also praised Cuban leader Fidel Castro and Argentine-born revolutionary Che Guevara for their socialist efforts. Let us keep in mind that white conservatives are not the only people who dislike socialist revolutionaries.

"I got peoples that suffered under him (Fidel Castro) and who risked their lives to get away from him and what he stands for, and they come here and have to see people like Mos Def wearing "Che Guevara" t-shirts on TV or have to listen to groups like Dead Prez supporting Castro and communism. Che Guevara was a murderer. Fidel Castro IS a murderer. These are the kind of people black militants idolize? All I know is they better not come to Miami talkin' that mess."

-Pitbull on 103.5 WMGE "The Beat"


Anonymous said...

I think that many Cubans in America may have the wrong idea about the revolution. This may be because the are in the US hearing US propaganda and being surrounded by like minds. They may have failed to see Castro's selfless help to so many other developing countries and his genuine love for his country. Many cubans in Cuba also support and love their leaders, it's the US embargo (among other things) that makes things so hard.
Just my thoughts.

Vasco said...

Check this out:

A Black Cuba

Its a good article incorporating black history and Cuba...painting a good picture of how Black Americans should view the whole Fidel situation.