Thursday, September 28, 2006

Real Talk From A Real Brother

A while back I wrote a post on Big Rube of the Dungeon Family. Listening to his voice on certain classic Outkast tracks such as Liberation and 13th Floor/Growing Old still gives me goose bumps today. He always had a powerful message for Hip-Hop heads and I have the utmost respect for him because of it.

Big Rube keeps a web log where he reflects on everything from suicide bombers to disciplining children. I felt like I had to share the following reflection with you all because it's straight up real talk.

Life Effort
By Big Rube

Many things can happen in life to make a person feel as if they want to just give up, but to have a rich, full and successful life we must push through these tribulations to the silver linings in our respective clouds. If we do not do this, we might as well be dead because we’re just existing, going through the motions of living, yet not truly being alive.
Quality of life indicates enjoyment and vibrancy, not the robotic existence of a biological automaton, with no emotion and no feeling.

I have personally had experience with this phenomenon, in my career, in my relationships, and ultimately, in my life. The first true depression that I can remember feeling was in my career. I felt as though I had risked my future, by investing in a dream that I had always had, but someone else had tainted. My dream has been to make a real change in the way many of our youth think and act, through music; real music that hasn’t been compromised by greed and ignorance. So I hooked up with some cats that I thought had the same dream as I did, and in all fairness I really believed that their intentions were true at the start of everything. My dream has yet to be realized. It felt like no matter how much I put in, I received nothing in return from my peers. The fans, on the other hand have been fantastic, they recognize what I have tried and am still trying to accomplish and they are usually shocked to find out the situation between my brethren and me. They are shocked to see that my loyalties have been cast aside for the purposes of ignorance and greed and ironically enough, they seemed angrier than I ever was.

In the past I would get highly offended by the comments people would make
towards members of my crew, and would actually end up defending people who really didn’t deserve it. The realization that I eventually grasped was that no one owed me anything, even the ones that did owe me something. I made every decision in my life without a gun being put to my head, which makes the result of those choices my fault and my fault alone. The same goes for anything else in life whether it’s relationships, religion or family. If you are putting your all into something and seeing no payoff, then you will eventually learn through experience to recognize those detrimental behaviors quicker, so that all of your time is not wasted on futility.

TRUTH BE TOLD: When people don’t treat you as you feel you should be treated, simply cut them loose. It can and will hurt and it will be hard to let go, but it must be done. Only you can change the circumstances of your life, so if you don’t, then only you can be blamed. -Fin

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