Friday, September 01, 2006

Throwback Nas

This Friday we present to you vintage Nas (the resemblance to Silk the Shocker in this video is uncanny).

Something about the simplicity of this track and Nas’ relaxed flow take me way back to those days when I used to buy those yellow, green, and purple juices (grape drink) for 25 cents. It takes me back to those days when there were bus passes instead of metrocards. My older sister was astute when it came to counterfeiting those half-fare bus passes. We could then use our 60 cents to buy onion and garlic rings and more grape drink. Back then the fare was $1.20 and we'd still complain about it being expensive.

If watching this video evokes nostalgia about your childhood/the early 90’s, please feel free to share.

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