Monday, October 30, 2006

David Stern Has Gone Too Far

While I did not agree with the decision, I understood and accepted NBA Commissioner David Stern's rationale for implementing a dress code. However, his latest attempt to exert his power has gone too far.

NBA's Stern Is Off Target On Guns
By J.A. Adande

Certain headlines scream out for further comment, and this is one: "Stern wants NBA players to leave guns at home."

Man, I love this league. Only in the NBA could the commissioner go from defending the widely criticized new ball to criticizing the players' right to defend themselves. Actually, given the angry reaction to the synthetic leather basketballs, maybe the logical next step for David Stern was to get guns out of the players' hands. You know, in case things escalate.

The gun issue became a topic during Stern's conference call with NBA reporters Wednesday. That's the type of subject that can pop up in an exhibition season in which the Indiana Pacers' Stephen Jackson fired five shots in the air after an altercation at a strip club and the Boston Celtics' Sebastian Telfair was questioned in connection with the shooting of a rapper.

Stern can't stop players from owning guns, but he indicated he'd like to keep them from carrying them.

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