Friday, October 06, 2006

Nazi Twins

I would never wish evil upon a thirteen year old girl. Nothing would give me more pleasure, however, than to watch Sister Smartness (mentioned below) hit these two with a spinning back kick to the solar plexus followed by a swift karate chop to the throat.

These girls have been around for a while now and I should mention that this article was written back in October of 2005. Shout out to Rell from RELLavence for resuscitating a story that has managed to sidestep our castigation.

The following is an excerpt Rell pulled from the story that I find especially interesting given our respect for Dave Chappelle:

When asked about their inspiration for their latest efforts, Lynx gave this response. "I saw white people hating white people. I was afraid that Americawanted to be black, " said Lynx. "I saw that funny nigger's show where hemade a mockery of the KKK and white people were laughing. This broke my heart."

Lynx was speaking of Actor/Comedian Dave Chapelle and his comic sketch depicting a blind, African American, Ku Klux Klan leader who was unaware that he was not white. Dave Chapelle is also believed to be the inspiration of their single, "Funny Nigger, " which describes the gruesome fate of blacks who taunt whites. Dave Chapelle was not availible for comment.

Track Listing for "End Of A Black World"
1) Dawn of A New White World
2) Birth Of A Nation
3) Purest Soul
4) Tainted Blood
5) Affirmative Blaction
6) Reggin & Ekik
7) The Cleansing (interlude)
8) Short Drop and A Quick Stop
9) Burning Cross
10) N.A.A.C.P. (Niggers Against A Colorless People)
11) Funny Rich Nigger
12) Crack Babies
13) Nigger Lovers
14) No Darkie In Me (this one might be that heat)
15) End Of A Black World
16) Hess' Prayer
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