Friday, October 20, 2006

Racists on the Ballot: Hard-Right Radicals Run in 2006

Across America, right-wing radicals are running for everything from national political office to a county mosquito control board.

James Hart (Tennessee)

Office sought: U.S. House of Representatives

Notorious eugenicist James Hart, after being kicked off the ballot by the executive committee of the Tennessee Republican Party in March, is mounting a write-in campaign in the state's 8th Congressional District.

In 2004, Hart won 78% in the Republican primary and polled 60,000 votes in the general election despite losing to Democrat John Tanner. Two years later, Hart is once again vowing to keep "less favored races" from passing on their "poverty genes," thus turning America into "one big Detroit." Hart, 62, has argued that if American society had been integrated before the mid-20th century, the automobile, the airplane and the light bulb would never have been invented.

In his "Eugenics Manifesto," he declares: "Equality is man's most dangerous myth. All men do not have an equal right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Only the ethical, moral and law abiding have a right to liberty; only the productive and creative have a right to life; and only the wise have a right to the pursuit of happiness."

Glenn Miller (Missouri)

Office sought: U.S. House of Representatives

A former member or leader of the National Socialist Party of America, the Carolina Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, the Confederate Knights of the Ku Klux Klan and the White Patriot Party, Miller is running this year as a write-in candidate in Missouri's 7th Congressional District after being denied ballot access as a Democrat. The website of the former Green Beret, ("Let's get er done!! VOTE WHITE!!"), features links to the sites of David Duke, the White Patriot Party, the National Alliance, and, a clearinghouse for neo-Nazi news and views.

In 1986, after months of leading his White Patriot Party in paramilitary marches through several Southern cities, Miller was convicted of violating a court order that prohibited him from engaging in paramilitary activity. Evidence revealed that active-duty Marines had helped him obtain stolen military weapons. Miller responded by going underground and declaring war on the United States, "race traitors" and Center co-founder Morris Dees. He was caught months later.

Today, Miller may be best known for having fingered others on the radical right in a 1988 sedition trial. After testifying against his one-time friends and colleagues, the former truck driver served three years in prison before being freed and moving to Missouri. Despite being known as a traitor to his movement, Miller has teamed up with fellow white supremacist Alex Linder to produce a racist newspaper that has been distributed around the country.

Jimmy D. Giles (Mississippi)

Office sought: U.S. House of Representatives

The declared "anti-Zionist" and "pro-White" independent candidate for Louisiana's 3rd Congressional District, Jim Giles just wants to "be left alone to be happy and safe and productive." And the best way to accomplish this, he says, is "separating the races."

Giles, who has previously run for governor, Senate and Congress, is a former systems engineer for IBM and current Internet radio station owner and organic farmer. On his campaign website ("Working for Whites" is his slogan), he concedes that his "biggest personal flaw is my hot temper, but we need some real men in Congress and not just sissies." He goes on to complain about "the Jewish owned media," affirmative action, and a host of similar matters.

In his official platform, Giles calls for abolishing "titles of nobility" (a common goal for the radical right, many of whose adherents believe lawyers have such a title); ending of all immigration for 50 years and deportation even of those immigrants who have been amnestied; ending the ability of the "private" Federal Reserve Board to issue currency (another radical right bogeyman); and ending all relations with Israel.

In a 2004 interview with the Jackson (Miss.) Free Press, Giles called the conflict in Iraq "a war for the Jews" and added that Jews "run our country for the most part." "All politics and all life is about race," he added. "There is no escaping that reality."

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