Thursday, November 09, 2006

A Final Election Thought

There have been a lot of Hi-Fives among Democratic hacks concerning the 2006 midterm elections – and rightfully so, not only did the Democrats take the House (which was expected), but they also took the Senate (which was considered to be a long shot at best). But let’s be clear: the Democrats did not win those seats because America has grown tired of a conservative government. In fact, the Democrats won those seats in large part because of the conservative platforms that its Democratic candidates stood on. The other reason that the Democrats won is because of our current Iraq policy. The irony of this election is that Democrats will ride into power on the coattails of George W. Bush, a Republican. This election was far more a reflection of how America feels about Bush than it was about a liberal takeover.

It will be interesting to see the abilities of the Democratic leadership, namely House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, to lead Congress over the next two years, especially considering the conservative red tint that now colors the blue party. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are liberal-minded; Jon Tester and Jim Webb, while Democrats, are social conservatives. Most Democratic voters believe the results of this election will allow Congress to end the conservative tax structure, judicial appointments and faith-based initiatives, as well as provide stronger abortion rights and a continuation of Affirmative Action.

I am not so sure...

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