Sunday, November 19, 2006

For a Fresh Mix, the Retro Kids Hit Rewind

I'm pretty sure I peeped these cats in SoHo a few weeks back and averted all eye contact for fear they might ask me for my phone number. That tidbit aside, the article below puts things in context.

Next time I catch them I'll be sure to offer due respect.

Published: November 19, 2006

SPORTING architectural haircuts that haven’t been seen since the Reagan administration and clothes that looked borrowed from the closets of Run-D.M.C. and Theo Huxtable, a group of young black men who call themselves the Retro Kids were turning heads the other evening at a party for Parish, a new urban clothing line.

While most men in the cavernous Hell’s Kitchen loft were clad in standard-issue hip-hop gear (baggy jeans, baggier sweatshirts, gleaming white sneakers), these guys were dressed as if “My Adidas” was still blasting from suitcase-size boomboxes on every corner.

They were not in costume, they made clear, as a constant stream of curious revelers inquired about their get-ups.

“When we walk down the street, people look at us like we’ve been stuck in a time capsule for 15 years,” said Ladaz Marshall, 20, who was wearing snug acid-washed jeans, leopard-print high-top Pumas and a Reebok track jacket from 1988 that he found on eBay. “But this is how we really dress every day. We love it.”

The crew of eight range in age from 18 to 27 and hail from Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island. Many attend Nassau Community College and they all share an obsession for all things ’80s: hip-hop films like “Beat Street,” “Krush Groove” and “Breakin’ ”; ancient gadgets like the beeper; dances like the Running Man and Roger Rabbit.

Lately, the guys and their fierce dedication to a look has attracted the attention of the style world beyond their neighborhoods. They recently posed for the men’s fashion magazine Complex, and Tony Shellman, a founder of Parish, which includes hooded sweatshirts with ’80s motifs like turntables and Good Humor ice cream bars, immediately adopted the Retro Kids as inspiration when he met them at a Fashion Week party earlier this year. “They’re so energetic and creative,” he said. “People may look at them like they’re crazy, but they don’t care.”

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Anonymous said...

These brothers make a really valid point. There is such a lack of individuality in the music business. These men shop at the same damn jeweler, sip the same damn champagne, and date the same women (which they should really taking heed of since these women love to write tell all books). It's refreshing to see someone step out of the damn box and live up to their claims of originality