Tuesday, November 21, 2006


As taken from allhiphop.com's Rumor's column: "KKKramer, the alleged racist? I can't believe it, but I'm not going to be watching the show until Michael "Kramer" Richards gives me a fair one in Harlem, Baltimore or Watts - the blackest 'hood."



Brother Spotless said...

I struggle to keep up: am I an Afro-American again??

The Laugh Factory has already banned Richards, so boycotting the Laugh Factory, as All Hip Hop suggests, isn't necessary.

It was a bit wierd watching Richards try to apologize with the studio audience laughing. It was almost poetic justice.

Brother Darkness said...

Interesting that someone mentioned Seinfield season 7 coming out on DVD this week. Could've been a cheap publicity stunt by Michael Richards? I wouldn't put it past him. In the words of Kanye: "Prettiest people do the ugliest things/for the road to riches and diamond rings."

Brother Lightness said...

But KKKramer wasn't even pretty to begin with.