Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Sway of the Evangelical Right

With less than a week left before Election Day, the Evangelical Right has begun to make use of its authority in its usual Boogyman, fire-and-brimstone fashion. Sadly, many leaders in the Black Church have been convinced to scare their respective congregations into voting Republican, the apparent “moral” political party. While these church leaders do not represent all black voters, their collective voice is strong enough to lead their membership astray. As Reverend Al Sharpton says, "We have been inundated in the faith community with bedroom sexual morality issues and not dealing with the broader moral issues of poverty, of injustice and of health care.” While I am not a particular fan of Al Sharpton, one does not have to be perfect in order to have a correct assessment on a given subject.

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On a side and unrelated note, I find Al Sharpton's hair to be quite amuzing...

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