Thursday, December 21, 2006

Daily Cartoon (2)


Brother Smartness said...

Now most of the cartoons I put up don't necessarily reflect my own views, but they do represent the views of others. So long as it's not egregious, I'll often post some borderline racist cartoon.

This one seems to fit that description accurately. Of all the hockey fights I've ever seen in my life, none has been cartoon depicted with the same negative stereotypes that this cartoon manages to pencil in.

So I've got to keep you informed ladies and gents. Not so you know what people are drawing, but so you understand and see the hypocrisy.

Smartness out!

Brother Darkness said...

Yes, I'd have to agree with Brother Smartass, I mean Smartness. Fights happen quite often and are a part of the game of hockey, yet its not seen as out of the ordinary or "barbaric." Yet there are more punches thrown in a hockey fight. Although the fights only involve two people, theres still more danger involved (i.e. someone getting clocked and busting their head on the ice). Whereas in the Nuggets vs. Knicks fight, there was only one punch that was thrown and actually landed yet the whole incident was played up to be an all out brawl. And yes I understand its because of the incident at the Palace in Auburn Hills a couple of years ago but that still doesn't excuse the blatant hypocrisy thats at work in this picture. Remember when Brother Spotless put that clip on here about the fight at that college football game? Did that make headlines for a week? No, and that had the chance to become something really dangerous.