Saturday, December 09, 2006

Ether or Takeover?

Ether went down in history as the song that put Jay-Z in his place. While Hov doesn't believe Ether was better, he certainly concedes defeat.

"Since I will not loss, they try to help him cheat/but I will not lose for even in defeat/there's a valuable lesson learned so it evens it up for me." (For all the mental gymnastics, the fact remains that he concedes defeat)

Which do you believe was the better diss song?

More importantly, why do the majority of people believe that Ether is the better song?

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Brother Spotless said...

No one had ever come at J like that before. I still thought Takover was better, but Takover didn't only get at Nas (it also got at MOBB Deep), and Ether was only about J; maybe that should be taken into account.

When a candidate runs for office and concedes the election, it's game over and the other candidatge wins (that's why Al Gore didn't concede the 2000 Presidential election until after the Supreme Court ruling). Under those rules, Nas won no matter which song was "better."