Tuesday, December 19, 2006

"Freeedom Freeedom Freeedom Freeedom"

Because we will probably reference specific quotes from the following video a good number of times between now and the New Year, I think it's important for us to present it to you today. While extremely humourous, the first 45 seconds of the video are somewhat insignificant. At the same time, it is because of this very intro that this post has its title. In any event, what follows is an example of "TESTICULAR FORTITUDE" that is both highly entertaining and (but for the "I will speak" portion of Farrakhan's declamation) logically sound.



Brother Spotless said...

-I have to say, I am not thrilled with the image of a child wearing a hanker chief around his face.

-Louis Farrakhan is the most engaging speaker in America. I don't agree with everything he says, but he certainly grabs my attention.

-Farrakhan correctly exposes American hypocracy when speaking about freedom and democracy. But then again, if Mr. Wallace should "be quiet" (and I am understanding Farrakhan to really be speaking about the entire nation), who does have the moral authority to speak about such issues as corruption and enslavement? As I understand it, everyone has blood on their hands...

Brother Smartness said...

Though my intention wasn't to have a conversation about the intellectual aspect of this, I guess it's something we should definitely address before we arrive at the humourous.