Monday, February 19, 2007

Fill The Void

One of the problems with our black leadership is that they do not demonstrate any foresight into the future. They have grown to be a reactionary force; a group that is swift in its response to the Katrina of the day. Black America needs leadership that possesses the ability to not only live within the moment, but also anticipate issues that will arise in the future.

While this may read as if I am calling for Ms. Cleo to lead our people to the mountain top, I am actually looking for black leaders, male and female, who have the ability to develop a plan for our future, similar to the process our nation’s political parties undergo in order to win future elections. If our goals for 2020 include higher rates of graduate level education, lower rates of poverty, and a stable family structure, we have to start planning today.

Sadly, I do not see this foresight within our leaders. They are content to react to whatever race issue consumes the media, and seem to refuse to plan for our future with any notion of attention to detail.

So let us undertake this challenge ourselves. For one moment, forget about Hurricane Katrina and Michael Richards. Forget about the sheer ignorance that Senator Biden exposed in his comments concerning Senator Obama. In fact, forget about Senator Obama. For the purposes of this discussion, these issues are mere points in history; remember, we are planning for 2020. What are the necessary plans that must be made and actions that we must take in order for black America to achieve success by 2020?

Be as specific as possible. Simply stating that black men ought to marry their respective baby momma’s will not helpful or productive…


Solgenique said...

higher rates of graduate level education
Is this a matter of getting more of the people who have BA/BS degrees to go on through to grad school or to increase the number of people graduating from primary school all the way through to grad school?

lower rates of poverty
Still workin’ on it…

stable family structure
Hmm, I need clarification as to what you consider to be a “stable family structure” as I don’t consider a two parent household stable by default. I’d consider a single parent household a stable family structure if the lone parent is loving/caring/nurturing and doesn’t believe that providing for material comforts is a substitute for emotional availability. From what I’ve seen, those parents and their children tend to have healthy levels of self-esteem and be well-adjusted, and those children tend to get involved with other well-adjusted people when they grow up. Does a loving one parent home trump a loving two parent home? Probably not, but what provides the stability is self-respecting individuals. How to increase people self-esteem, though…

Brother Spotless said...

First, I should clarify: higher rates of graduate level education, lower rates of poverty, and a stable family structure are just three areas which I believe need to be addressed in order for black America to achieve any success. There are more, and if anyone wishes to add their ideas, please feel free.

Solgenique, to answer your questions:

When I asked about higher levels of graduate level education, I was specifically referring to ideas concerning college graduates and their ability to gain graduate degrees. Of course, all levels of education are important, and if you have ideas on those please share.

I will leave the family structure issue up to you to decide, as it seems clear to me that you have a sense of what you believe to be the correct answer to your question. So, whether it's a one parent or two parent family, in what ways can we strengthen that structure?

thatjonesboy said...

an investment in the worth of education and community building versus "getting rich" must first become the principle people are committed to so that money is not the goal that places others on the scarificial altars.

Solgenique said...

I hear a lot of people saying that an undergrad degree today is what a high school degree was to our parents' generation. I know in my field, every job posting I read says that a Masters is prefered, so I don't know why anyone with an Bachelors thinks they will have job security

Perhaps we should be looking at the kind of degrees blacks get in this country? Maybe those first degrees are in fields that still only require a bachelors?

I don't really offer any solutions, only more questions because if the answer was that simple, I’d like to think that someone would have already been on top of it. And I think that most people reading this blog have plans to get additional degrees. So, we need to find those people who aren’t and let them tell us what would help them take that next step.

As for the family situation, honestly, my idea involves some home schooling, a boy/girl scout type of program along with a clan-like organization dedicated to helping contributing members in areas such as tutoring, babysitting, etc. Mainstream America, and for the most part Western society, is moving away from the strong family base. Maybe it’s for the better and this is just a rough adjustment period or it’s really all going down the crapper. In any case, like-minded individuals need to seek-out one another and actually “be about it.”