Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Question of the Day

"The Black Mount Rushmore"

What if we could sculpt the busts of four black Americans on the Grand Canyon to mimic Mount Rushmore? The site of this fictitious replica was selected by yours truly for the the dark tertiary hue it would give each figure's countenance. The question was conceived of by Brother Spotless, with whom I have had a very long conversation about this. So who would they be? In the end, and after a lot of concessions, we agreed on Martin Luther King, Jr., Harriet Tubman, Fredrick Douglass, and Thurgood Marshall.

Those omitted are as follows:
Malcolm X
W.E.B. Du Bois
Booker T. Washington
Sojourner Truth
Madame CJ Walker
James Brown
Muhammad Ali
Tom Joyner
Toni Morrison
Nat Turner
Louis Farrakhan
Jackie Robinson
Mary McLeod Bethune
Paul Robeson

Did we get it right?


Anonymous said...

i would agree with those 4, yet my only concern is that we have no outspoken defiant people in those 4. If we had to add a 5th, it would be a hard run between Brother Malcolm, Rosa Parks, Nat Turner, and Jackie Robinson. Yet, lets find a rock in the A town, or DC, or hell even Chicago since its majority black, and get some masonry workers to get chippin' away and get on it. No further questions.

--Brother Drummerologist

Brother Spotless said...

Rosa Parks was largely a symbolic figure. I say that not to diminish the importance or value of that symbol during the civil rights movement and beyond, but it is to say that she performed that one ever-important act of civil disobediance and nothing else of real significance.

I feel that Muhammad Ali, Malcolm X, and Jackie Robinson (who I forgot to mention during my discussion with Smartness) are deserving, just not moreso than the 4 finalists.

Brother Smartness said...

We thought about the representation of a defiant person as well. Harriet Tubman's rumored pistol and Fredrick Douglass' fight with his slave master seemed to provide sufficient examples of this at the time.

There is still, however, a dearth of defiance that I know one man could fill.

If we had the option for a fifth bust, it would definitely go to Malcolm X.

Brother Lightness said...

Add Dr. Khalid Muhammad to the list if you're looking for defiance. As visual reference, simply perform a query for his name on YouTube.

Brother Spotless said...

Dr. Khalid Muhammad. That Negro is crazy...