Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Quote Of The Moment

If you've never heard of this man, you should watch the following before reading the quote:



"It is true that Khallid's words hurt many people's feelings. But when his words become emblematic of racism and the acts and deeds of powerful government officials, when they become mere business-as-usual, something is wrong somewhere. Dr. Khallid Abdul Muhammad never stopped a car driven by whites. He never forced the occupants out of their vehicles to lie face down in the mud at the point of a gun. He never passed a bill that condemned the poor to more wretched poverty, homelessness or hunger. He never consigned brilliant young minds to shuttered and and dilapidated ghetto schools. He never commanded the bombing of an Arab, African or Caribbean nation to divert attention from a scandal in his bedroom. We react to his words because they spring from a deep well of rage that exists in millions of black hearts. To ignore that rage and focus on one man's words is to turn a deaf ear on their real meaning."


For the record, I cannot ignore this man's hateful ideology, even if a few of his words do possess some truth. However this quote could be a constructive means to much-needed conversation. Specifically, is there a "real meaning," as the author of the quote suggests, that ought to be heard from Dr. Muhammad?


Brother Smartness said...

There's no sense in trying to hide the identity of the individual who made that statement. We all know it was Brother Lightness.

Brother Lightness said...

Clearly, Smartness is doing his best to have me blacklisted among any desirable employer for the remainder of my professional career.

I will promptly file a defamation suit in the morning.