Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Question of the Day

MTV just released their top 10 list for the Greatest Hip Hop Groups of All Time.

10. UGK
9. Fugees
8. Salt 'N Pepa
6. A Tribe Called Quest
5. Wu-Tang Clan
4. Outkast
3. Public Enemy
2. N.W.A
1. Run-DMC

What's wrong with this list?


Anonymous said...

no g-unit

Brother Smartness said...

I hope you're joking, but if you aren't please entertain us with a reason as to why.

rak said...

their argument against the roots is f-ing idiotic. and malik b was an actual member for 3 discs.

and considering they gave the fugees space, blackstar deserves love. mos, talib, and hi-tek have gone on to solo careers that actually involve each other. this is absurd.

Brother Spotless said...



No one better??

How bout the Dungeon Family?

My list would have similar names, but different order:

1) Public Enemy
2) Outkast
3) Run DMC
4) Tribe Called Quest
5) 95 South (just kidding...) Wu Tang
6) Fugees
7) Salt N' Pepa
9) NWA
10) Eight Ball & MJG

Brother Spotless said...

Whoa whoa. My bad. Revised list:

My top 5 remains the same, Roots at 6, and drop everyone below down a notch, leaving Ball and G off.

My sincere apologies...

Brother Spotless said...

Did Black Star have more than one album?

Brother Lightness said...

UGK's omission from your list is glaring. I suggest you take a trip to the South and pose your question.

Brother Spotless said...
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Brother Spotless said...

UGK over Ball and G or the Ghetto Boyz? Surely you jest...

Brother Darkness said...

My list:

10.8 Ball and MJG
9.Ghetto Boyz (pioneer's for the South)
8.Salt N Pepa
5.Tribe Called Quest
2.Run DMC
1.Public Enemy

Honourable mention:
- Blackstar
- Westside Connection (I'm still wondering why nobody metnioned these guys)
- Digital Underground
- Beastie Boys (Yes, I say they're hip hop)

Brother Spotless said...

-damn darkness, the roots don't even get an honorable mention?

-Digital Underground was a group?

Funmi said...

haha yes they were with 5+ albums... DU was a comical counterpart to PE... Best known for "Humpty Dance," "Dowhatchalike" and "I Get Around" with pre-mortem, pre-East v West Tupac. In fact, they more or less descovered him.

Brother Spotless said...

Indeed, I know some of their history. I thought DU was simply Shock G and his alter ego Humpty...

Dowhachalike was the ish, better (to me) than the Humpty Dance...

Brother Darkness said...

Quick revision:

Slide The Roots into the #7 position moving Wu-Tang to #8, Salt N Pepa to #9, Ghetto Boyz to #10 and 8 Ball and MJG to Honourable Mention