Monday, March 19, 2007

Question of the Day

Disney recently introduced its first black princess. I'm uncertain of whether the picture to the left is a final version, but it appears that she has blue eyes.

How do people feel about that?


Brother Spotless said...

Where is this character from?

Blue eyes are not representative of the African American population in general, and I am pretty sure it is not representative of the majority of Africans either. I will say that I went to high school with a gentleman from Uganda who is of the "blue-black" hue and has blue eyes, so anything can happen...

Solgenique said...

Blue-eyed black girls need someone to look up to, too! Anybody who's angry about this can learn to draw and make the heroine a brown-eyed black girl.

I knew a Tanzanian with dark skin and blue eyes. They are a rare people, but they are out there.