Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Question Of The Moment

I spent 7 years in college, so needless to say getting through my choice institute of higher learning was a struggle. But it was not as if I had to “pay the piper,” so to speak, and explain to my parents why I had not yet graduated. Hell, they were proud of the fact that their son was spending so much time in college. But you have to understand something: my mother stopped attending school after the 6th grade to help her parents on the farm, and my father never attended school at all. To them, my many years in school represented the mountaintop; their son was able to not only attend school, but remain there for 7 years!

My uncle told me this story to help explain the gap that had formed between his parents’ generation and that of his own civil rights era.

Has a similarly sized gap formed between our Joshua Generation and our parents’ Moses Generation?

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