Thursday, March 08, 2007

Quote Of The Moment

The following quote is from Spike Lee's Jungle Fever. It is a movie that captures sentiments with regard to race in ways that are at once honest and revealing. It is perhaps one of the most underappreciated movies of the 90's.

Good Reverend Doctor: You think I don't understand about the white woman...committing black adultery, but I do.

Flipper: Now, Daddy, no sermons, please.

GRD: There was a lot of lynchings in Willicoochee, Georgia...where I come from when I was a boy.

Flipper: Willicoochee, Georgia! What a name!

GRD: White man say to his woman: "Baby, you are the flower...of white Southern womanhood, too holy and pure... to be touched by any man, including me.

I'm gonna put you up on a the whole world will fall down and worship you. And if any nigger so much as look at you, I'll lynch his ass."

She believed him, thought she really was...holy and pure, like the Virgin Mary. She let him put her up on that pedestal. Meanwhile, the husband, no sooner than the sun went down... down to the slave quarters grabbin' up every piece of black poontang he could lay his hands on, then running to the gin mill to brag about it.

And that's how our blood got diluted... mulattoes, quadroons, octoroons. I'm sure that most of those high and mighty white ladies felt abandoned. But they were so proud to be white, and therefore superior, they kept their mouths shut and their legs locked tight.

But in the midnight hour, layin' there, alone, on the hot bed of lust, I'm sure they must've thought what it would be like... to have one of them big, black bucks...their husbands were so desperately afraid of.

I feel sorry for you. Here it is the nineties, still tryin' to make up for what you missed out on. But I don't blame you.

As for the black my own son, Flipper, who ought to know a loving wife and daughter...still got to fish in the white man's cesspool, I have nothing but contempt.

Excuse me. I don't eat with whoremongers.

-- Good Reverend Doctor


Brother Smartness said...

Crash (2004) won three Oscars if I'm not mistaken. In my eyes, Jungle Fever (1991) was this movie's equivalent in the 90's.

Brother Lightness said...

Jungle Fever has far more redeeming value than Crash. The two really shouldn't even be spoke of in the same sentence.

Brother Smartness said...

I would certainly agree with you on that point, Lightness.

I should have known better than to come at this post with a one line response with you lurking around. Kudos are in order as well for your timing on that post. Catch a brother when he's on his commute home...

I have nothing but contempt for you.

Brother Lightness said...

*laughing out loud&

Brother Lightness said...

*laughing out loud*