Friday, April 27, 2007

Don't Believe The Hype!!

Yesterday’s news cycle was dominated by stories of a showdown between President Bush and Congressional Democrats (and a few Republicans scattered about) over Iraq War spending. While it is true that both houses of congress have passed a spending bill that mandates the President to begin withdrawing our troops in October, it is clear that Congressional Democrats are simply proving their political wherewithal.

If you remember, the Democratic Party was able to take control of both the House and the Senate last November, not because of their liberal ideals, but because of the President’s (as well as his employees and those who supported him) handling of the war. The specific troop removal language in the spending bill was necessary in order to appease those who gave Democrats power (The few. The proud. The voters.). However, I warn you not to believe the hype. Don’t think for a second that our Blue representatives want our troops to leave, as one might be led to think based on yesterday’s vote. Politicians are many things to many people, but stupid is not one of them (not even George Bush).

It is arguable whether we should have gone into Iraq (I don’t believe we should have), but it is obvious that leaving now would put the US in more danger. This is not a political talking point, this is a fact. Because we took out Saddam Hussein and lacked the appropriate knowledge about the region to successfully and promptly quell the threat, we have created a vacuum of power and inadvertently fostered a radical Islamic breeding ground. Not only have existing threats moved in and grown, we have also given those threats ample opportunity to recruit new people who dislike America and Americans. For this reason, we have to stay until the threat is reduced dramatically. It is unmistakably our mess, and we have to clean it up.

Congressional Democrats understand this as well, and fear being blamed for a growing threat in the Middle East or an attack on US soil. They also know that President Bush would not allow a bill to pass with a timetable included. So the Democrats took advantage of this opportunity to voice their displeasure for the war as well as going on record and supporting a troop pullout (which gives them an albeit meager but palpable form of redemption for voting to declare war on Iraq in 2003), all while under the protection of the President (how ironic is that?), knowing he won’t allow the measure to pass. Now that’s savvy!

With his pending veto, Bush will own and be remembered for the Iraq War to a greater extent than even Lyndon Johnson is remembered for the Vietnam War. Johnson had a domestic policy that included the passage of the Civil Rights Act, while Bush has…No Child Left Behind? Exactly. Bush has nothing else to place on his political tombstone. This indeed will be the final nail in the Bush Legacy coffin. It is also representative of political maneuvering by Congressional Democrats at its finest.

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