Monday, April 30, 2007

A New South Bronx?

A Bronx borough-bred thoroughbred, I’m both excited by and hesitant about some of the changes that the South Bronx is undergoing.
A $500 Million plan is underway to create the Gateway Center at Bronx Terminal Market. Right next door, the Yankees are breaking ground for a new stadium.
With the Gateway Center being one of the biggest private sector investments ever in the Bronx, a once seemingly dormant neighborhood will soon become a nascent hot spot. The development promises jobs and a revitalization/restoration of the neighborhood. Whether this will fare well for current Bronx residents, however, is an entirely different question.
The old warehouses, whose floors once served as an indicator for a base hit, a double, or a homerun for young men like me, will come down as new edifices rise up and serve as magnets for profit. “Tis a consummation devoutly to be wished”; but a consummation whose true consequences have yet to be revealed.
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solgenique said...

Well, it's about damn time you Bronx folks got a dose of this gentrification! I mean, us Brooklyn and Harlem folk can only take so much! "Da Boogie Down" is just gonna have to deal with "SoBro!"

Wait. Is it still called "Da Boogie Down" Bronx?

Is Brooklyn still "BK", "Brooknam" or "Crooklyn" for that matter? Are Brooklyn folks still required to shout "BROOK-LYYYYYYYYYYN!!" when Brooklyn is mentioned? Hip-Hop ain't that prevelant no more. I mean, every new act I hear about from Brooklyn is indie-rock. Someone from Jersey had to school me on Brooklyn bands. Jersey! How embarassing is that?!

On that note, let's take a moment to remember all our fallen brothers and sisters who have gone on to the other side... of the Hudson. Forced to live in "Joyzee" because of ever increasing NYC rent prices. I'll perform seppuku before I let that happen to me.

Ugh! A friend of mine recently told me about BoCoCa...

Revival? This city is dead to me!

Brother Smartness said...

You, my dear, are hilarious!

Brother Spotless said...

All of the hate on Jersey is going to stop!! It's not our fault NY is no longer a livable situation...

Send us your financially stable and wealthy athletes and entertainers, we enjoy the tax revenue :-)

Solgenique said...

To refer to those poor displaced New York City refugees as "tax revenue" is just mean and uncalled for!

Susie said...

i dunno...i'd be curious to know more about the details of this "revitalization" project. they're doing something like that here in brooklyn and selling it as "affordable housing" and "more jobs" and "increased tax revenue" but it's all pretty bogus. you should try and watch this when you get the chance:

futurebird said...

I just moved to the Bronx from Manhattan and I love it! First of all we could afford to buy our own place up here, the transportation is great around Yankee Stadium. On game days you can here the crowd ROAR from our roof deck. We're right by the courthouse and a park with a green market every tuesday. Lots of kids skateboard and roller blade on the courthouse steps, it's a great place to rollerblade or hang out at night. There's only one good restaurant, though, it's called "the Bruckner Bar and Grill" (by good I mean, like a village kind of place with nice ambiance, there are plenty of dives with good bar food and places with ethnic food that are not fancy, but a pretty good deal.)

I even found a gym to join.

There are lots of grocery stores, but don't expect to find fancy food. The basics like milk and fruit are much less expensive.

There are a lot of old people, and once they get to know you they are very nice. At first they thought me and my husband were kinda' crazy for moving up here.

I like it better here than Washington Heights and Harlem (where I lived for two years) It's not as nice as the place we had downtown... but I'm telling you: I will never never never never never move to Jersey or Brooklyn for that matter. Brooklyn is over-priced (where the transit is good) and Jersey is like moving to the 'burbs. The Bronx is real New York. Stay in the city, people.